The Ex Factor Guide is designed for women or men who want to get back together with their Ex. This dating strategy is designed by Brad Browning who shows how to win back your ex-girlfriend or boyfriend. And this program claims to have a success rate of 90% for getting back together with your ex. It’s not just a simple getting back your ex guide, it covers much more than that. 

The Ex Factor Guide

The Ex Factor Guide Reviews

The Ex Factor Guide is augmented by a video series as well as an audiobook version of the PDF. Moreover, it’s an exclusively online program that purchases access to.
We purchased The Ex Factor Guide to research if it works. Read The Ex Factor Guide review to find if it is legit or not?

What Is The Ex Factor Guide All About?

The Ex Factor Guide is an online dating strategy designed by Brad Browning. This program shows how to get your ex back, and it claims a success rate of around 90% if you follow the instructions exactly.

More than just getting back to your ex, The Ex Factor Guide can also, gain a deeper understanding of your current romantic relationship. 

The Ex-Factor Guide comes with an e-book, audiobook, and other materials and the one-time payment gives unlimited access.

The Ex Factor Guide Reviews
The Ex Factor Guide Reviews

The main key of this program is that it allows using the proper techniques that work for your ex depending on their gender.

So the different versions of The Ex Factor Guide allow learning the best strategies that suit the gender of your ex. As the same strategy won’t necessarily work for both genders, because men think one way and women think another way.

Who Is Brad Browning?

The author of The Ex Factor Guide is Brad Browning. From Vancouver, Canada, he is also a renowned relationship expert and coach. Brad has ten years of experience helping couples repair and improve their relationships. For several years now, Brad has been studying the workings of relationships as well as the psychology of breakups. He is an expert on the subject now.

brad author review

Brad has written a number of articles about breakups and conflict resolution for, where he’s also a senior editor. Brad posts videos on his YouTube channel regarding relationship issues. He is considered a love guru when it comes to love and relationships and has much experience in this field. Brad Browning’s postings are highly respected globally.

What Will You Learn From The Ex Factor Guide?

  • With The Ex Factor Guide, you will learn how to maturely and calmly manage the siltation. You will solve your situation without being irrational or panicking.
  • This program will show you how to build self-confidence. This helps to prevent the feeling of rejection and helplessness that arose from the breakup.
  • You will learn how to identify errors that lead to a breakup. This helps you to avoid them in the future.
Ex Factor Guide
  • The program will not let you say or do anything uncomfortable, hopeless, or stupid after a breakdown. This is when your emotions are the most difficult.
  • With this unique program, you will learn what to say that boosts your chance of meeting your ex again.
  • The Ex Factor Guide teaches you how to make your ex-partner interested once again in you. This is true even if they are seeing someone else or if they broke up with you


  • One-time payment
  • Clear and easy to understand.
  • Comprehensive training.
  • Get instant access to The Ex Factor Guide as it is digital.
  • Money-back guarantees of 60 days.


  • The only available options to purchase are with Paypal or a credit card.
  • The course is available in the English language only.
  • Can only get The Ex Factor Guide online.

Click Here To Get The Ex Factor Guide From the Official Website

Who is the ex Factor for?

The Ex Factor is designed for a man or a woman who has broken up with someone and getting the love of their life back. But this guide won’t be perfect for someone who wants to see how their ex was holding them back.

If you’ve been broken up with, and want to take specific steps to make your ex back, then this boos is the right choice.

And however, do not need The Ex Factor Guide if:

  • Don’t believe in second chances on love and relationships.
  • 100% sure that you are moving on with another partner.
  • Never want to get back with your ex.
  • Afraid to give yourself another chance at love.


  • Is It Okay to choose a different version of the program (male/female)?

Each version is gender-specific, so it’s crucial to choose the right one to get the correct techniques. So make sure to choose the right option that is designed for your ex’s gender.

  • What if the Ex Factor Guide doesn’t work?

Try The Ex Factor Guide for 60-days and if this program doesn’t work,  then ask for a refund. The program is guaranteed a straight 60-day money-back option.

  • Is The Ex Factor Guide legit?

yes, it is legit. The Ex Factor Guide comes up with the most trusted and effective relationship, or breakup, advice.

  • What to do if I need some advice or personal guidance?

Wish to get some advice or a personal guide, then directly message the author on their official website by clicking on ‘seek Brad’s Advice’.

  • Does The Ex Factor Guide come in a digital copy?

Yes, it is. The program is digital, which means The Ex Factor Guide can always download the content onto your computer and print it off at home.


If you are trying to get back with your ex, The Ex Factor Guide is highly recommended for you. This program utilizes strong methods to get back with your ex. It was written by a renowned relationship consultant who has helped countless couples repair their broken relationships. The Ex Factor Guide is an excellent way to understand your separation and restore it with the one you love. Also, there is nothing to lose with your purchase. Brad Browning offers everyone a 60-Day Money-Back Guarantee. So, if you are not completely satisfied with this amazing program, you can receive a full refund.

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