The Super Affiliate System PRO is a training program with videos, checklists, and software. Our promise (that we consistently deliver on) is to take a complete beginner from zero to affiliate marketer generating $5,000+ over the course of 6 weeks or less.

Who is John Crestani?

John Crestani

John Crestani is the man who created this course program.
He is an internet marketer whose expertise includes internet marketing, business development, Google Adwords, Facebook ads, and conversion optimization.
As a well-known internet marketer and entrepreneur, the name John Crestani is most likely a name you’ll encounter or have encountered in publications like Forbes, Business Insider, The Entrepreneur, and so on.

The Super Affiliate System PRO

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You will be learning every essential information about affiliate marketing by watching the videos. For 6 weeks, you will go over each video (there are more than 50 of them), and will also do homework and weekly quizzes.

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Inside 6 Week Super Affiliate System Pro

To give you an idea as to what you will be learning from this course, I have included a brief overview of the course’s content.

With a total of 7 modules and more than 50 hours of training videos, you’ll be getting the most out of 6-Week Super Affiliate System:

Part 0: The Welcome Module

This module contains 10 videos that will discuss to you how the course works, what are the things you can expect from the course, and an introduction to affiliate marketing. Here’s what you’ll be given access to:

  • Welcome to SAS! (1 minute & 20 seconds)
  • How This Course Works (4 minutes & 46 seconds)
  • What’s in the course (14 minutes & 23 seconds)
  • Why affiliate marketing (10 minutes & 8 seconds)
  • The SAS Dashboard (18 minutes & 3 seconds)
  • The Community (8 minutes & 38 seconds)
  • Badges & Why They Matter (5 minutes & 41 seconds)
  • The secret to success (12 minutes & 15 seconds)
  • Setting a goal (11 minutes & 46 seconds)
  • Support Resources (9 minutes & 7 seconds)

Part 1: The System Setup (Week 1)

In this module, you will be learning how to set up your own website and that includes your domain name and your site hosting. You will also be taught how to set up a presell page and a Facebook ad.

  • System Setup Part 1 (4 minutes & 37 seconds)
  • Joining an affiliate network (4 minutes & 36 seconds)
  • Setting up a website (13 minutes & 58 seconds)
  • Presell Page Setup 1 (4 minutes & 26 seconds)
  • Presell Page Setup 2 Clickfunnels Method (19 minutes & 15 seconds)
  • Presell Page Setup 3 Manual Method (14 minutes & 44 seconds)
  • Facebook ad setup 1 targeting (7 minutes & 49 seconds)
  • Facebook ad setup 2 ad creation (14 minutes & 26 seconds)
  • Common Setup Mistakes (22 minutes & 6 seconds)
  • Week 1 Wrapup (4 minutes & 52 seconds)
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Part 2: Google Ads Setup (Week 2)

This module focuses on Google ads, and take note that Google is one of the most used online searching platforms.

In this module, you will learn how to earn commissions from Google ads and so you need to master the ways on how to set it up. You will be getting some ideas on how to do that through the following lessons:

  • Google Ads Introduction (4 minutes & 18 seconds)
  • Google Search Ads Setup (26 minutes & 23 seconds)
  • Google Display Ads Setup (27 minutes & 59 seconds)
  • Adwords Conversion Pixel Setup (9 minutes & 54 seconds)
  • Common Google Ads Mistakes (15 minutes & 44 seconds)
  • Week 2 Wrapup (10 minutes & 18 seconds)
  • 6 Week Super Affiliate System Pro Review: Inside

Part 3: Youtube Ads Setup (Week 3)

In this part of the course, Crestani discusses how you can set up your own Youtube channel and earn money through the ads you will also set up.

  • Youtube Ads Introduction (4 minutes & 53 seconds)
  • Youtube Channel Setup (3 minutes & 12 seconds)
  • Youtube Ad Setup (15 minutes & 12 seconds)
  • Why Exclude Mobile? (8 minutes & 42 seconds)
  • Common Youtube Mistakes (13 minutes & 56 seconds)
  • Week 3 Wraup & Special Bonus! (12 minutes & 54 seconds

Part 4: Advanced Ad Tactics (Week 4)

With this module, you will learn how to utilize social media sites in promoting affiliate products or your own products.

The lessons are given by Tim Burd, the Godfather of Facebook ads; Brian Pfeiffer, a well-known creator of 7-figure businesses; and Ronnie Sandlin, a 7-figure entrepreneur and marketer.

The 10 videos included in this module will definitely raise your knowledge about paid ads to the next level.

  • Advanced Facebook Ads Introduction (7 minutes & 59 seconds)
  • Facebook Mistakes (12 minutes & 50 seconds)
  • Tim Burd Introduction (2 minutes & 37 seconds)
  • Tim: How to Keep Compliant With Facebook (3 minutes & 49 seconds)
  • Brian Pfeiffer: How to Breakthrough (14 minutes & 58 seconds)
  • Ronnie: Speaking to the Reptile Brain (3 minutes & 55 seconds)
  • Ronnie: How to Hack People’s Trust (2 minutes & 12 seconds)
  • Ronnie: Highly Profitable Headlines (1 minute & 48 seconds)
  • Ronnie, Famous Copywriters (1 minutes & 53 seconds)

Part 5: Presell Pages & Scaling (Week 5)

In this module, the videos will discuss to you everything you need to know about presell pages and how to set it up.

Templates are also made available by Crestani. Also, you will learn how to split test your presell pages.

  • Presell Pages Introduction (9 minutes & 31 seconds)
  • Split Testing Presell Pages (17 minutes & 58 seconds)
  • Common Presell Page Mistakes (7 minutes & 48 seconds)
  • Scaling Basics (3 minutes & 21 seconds)
  • Payout Bumps (4 minutes & 28 seconds)
  • Week 5 Wrapup (9 minutes & 11 seconds)

Part 6: Product Selection (Week 6)

In the final part of the course, Crestani will teach you how to choose the product you will be promoting. You will also learn how to choose the niche that best suits you.

And since this is where the course ends, you will be taught how to find Clickbank offers and other offers from affiliate networks.

With all of these lessons, Crestani guarantees that you will have a solid foundation when it comes to affiliate marketing and the what’s and how’s of earning money through paid ads.

  • Product Setup Introduction (8 minutes & 8 seconds)
  • Choosing your Niche (18 minutes & 36 seconds)
  • Finding CLickbank Offers (11 minutes & 27 seconds)
  • Finding Offers on Other Affiliate Networks (11 minutes & 37 seconds)
  • Common Mistakes in Choosing an Offer (11 minutes & 32 seconds)
  • Week 6 Wrapup (11 minutes & 38 seconds)

Check out this 12-minute video showing the inner workings of this affiliate marketing course…

Also learn that there are numerous other similar courses out there. Some of the most prominent ones are:

  1. Knowledge Broker Blueprint
  2. Website ATM
  3. Secret Society of Millionaires
  4. Yoonla
  5. John Crestani Internet Jetset
  6. Easy1up
  7. Super Affiliate System 3.0
  8. Second Income Center


  • Easy to start
  • Low operation cost
  • You can work anywhere, anytime
  • A right way of generating income without getting out of your bed or couch
  • No limit in terms of the amount of money to be earned
  • Can be used by people of all gender and age
  • Good jumping block for beginners
  • Comprehensive curriculum
  • Credible instructor
  • Easy to understand
  • Valuable bonuses
  • Money-back guarantee


  • Only one niche and affiliate program is used as an example throughout the course
  • No Native Ads video lessons like in past versions
  • Some modules have information missing that should be covered in my opinion

Super Affiliate System Price + Discount Info

Super Affiliate System usually costs $997. There is also a payment plan option, where you can buy the course for 3 monthly payments of $397.

John Crestani will tell you that the course usually costs almost $5000…

03 super affiliate system discount

…but my research failed to find a single verifiable case of a student paying that much for the training.

Super Affiliate System Discount

The $3,988 discount you see in the screenshot above appears to be available to everyone indefinitely, and $997 is the cheapest price I’ve seen for the program.

To save money I highly recommend that you NOT buy the program and consider some alternatives instead.

My opinion – 6 Week Super Affiliate System Pro

To wrap up this review, I recommend this course to those who are interested in affiliate marketing and who are willing to make a financial investment.
And here is what I can say about the course…
This course is not something I would recommend to those who are hesitant to spend a few hundred bucks and who are aiming to learn get-rich-quick methods as the course requires not just money but patience and a clear mindset.
I hope this review’s insights will help you make an informed decision…

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